How Can You Boost The Efficiency Of Your Heating System?

Your heating system uses about half of the energy in your house, making it your biggest energy consumer. Here are some ways suggested by Best downriver Michigan heating and cooling company to modify your gas heating system for a more pleasant house and cheaper gas costs, ranging from simple additions to significant alterations.

Weatherizing Your House:

Weatherizing your home environment is one of the best methods to increase the comfort and effectiveness of your heating system. The winter cold and summer heat are kept out of your home by adding insulation and caulking drafty places. As a result, your heating system’s lifespan will be extended because it won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable.


Upgrading The System:

Look for high-efficiency technology to give lots of comfort with minimal energy consumption when it comes time to replace your heating system, which may be after 15 to 30 years, depending on how well it has been maintained. Although high-efficiency equipment may initially cost a bit more, it will ultimately save you money on energy and maintenance. So what’s even more sage?

Adding The Outdoor Resetting Setting:

By adding weather-sensitive reset controls, the temperature of your boiler can be automatically raised or lowered in response to the ambient temperature. This implies that your boiler won’t become overheated on those milder winter days. As a result, heating expenditures can be reduced by up to 10%.


Installing A Recovery Ventilation System:

Through the ventilation system in your home, warm air exits and contains squandered heat energy. However, a heat recovery ventilator may recover up to 70% of that heat and return it to your house, reducing the need for your heating system to operate as frequently as possible to make up for the lost energy.


Installing A Wi-Fi Thermostat:

Programmable thermostats have the ability to save energy, but Wi-Fi thermostats offer a number of features that make controlling the temperature in your house simpler and more convenient. Wi-Fi thermostats enable smartphone temperature control so you can customize your comfort, whether relaxing on the couch or taking the nighttime commute home. Some models will automatically change depending on your schedule or the local weather. You might save significant money on your energy bills by controlling temperature settings using a Wi-Fi thermostat.


You can reduce costs by not keeping the heat on all the time and having the equipment inspected and maintained at least once per heating season. However, that only makes up a portion of the strategy to lower those heating costs.

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